Trainer Abdul
Duration Time 1 month
Internship Yes
Location Palaniappa Nagar Main Road, Valasaravakkam, Chennai
Certificate yes
Online Yes
key features
Course Duration - 30 Days (4 Hrs/per day)
Live Project Exposure
100% Job Guarantee Program
Headed by Senior Trainer
Guidance from Technology Experts
Guidance from Technology Experts
One to One session
CODE-A-THON Racing Session
Advanced Phonegap/Cordova Coruse
It includes 2 Hybrid mobile App Projects
Lead Trainer
Abdul started his career as a technical trainer five years ago with TCDC. He is a passionate, composed, and dedicated trainer who trains with the end objective in mind. He ensures that every trainee lands a good job and finds a great career for himself/herself. He has played a major role in training all students trained by us thus far. He keeps constant touch with our delivery team to tailor the course curriculum to ensure that the syllabus stays current and to also challenge students with real time project scenarios.Abdul rejoices every time a student comes back with good news of his/her job placement. It is indeed a proud moment that Abdul celebrates along with the whole TCDC team.
Course Description
  • Use JQuery to build mobile App that work on all devices.
  • Use CSS3,HTML5, JavaScript, DOM and jQuery to create mobile pages and apps.
  • Write a more complex functions in JavaScript.
  • Run your app on various APIs, such as Web storage, Google APIs, Cloud services.
  • Learn all the basic Phonegap/Cordova API’s like Battery Status, Camera, Contacts, Device Info, Network Info, Status Bar, Accelerometer, Compass, Vibration, InAppBrowser, Dialogs (notification), Geolocation, Globalization, Media Capture, File System, File Transfer, Whitelist.
  • Deploy your app with PhoneGap Build.
  • Compile Cordova app’s locally and on the cloud.
  • Interact with the database using PHP API’s.
  • Play audio and video content on the device.
  • Detect touch gestures using the Hammer.js library.
  • Learn the basics of iOS and Android app store submission process.
Why this Course?
  • If you want to write mobile apps that run on both Android and iOS, PhoneGap is better option for a cross-platform app development.
  • Easy to learn – It uses HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, Easier for a developer since there is no need to learn any other specific or new language.
  • PhoneGap comes packed with many libraries which makes development of apps easier, This also saves valuable development time.

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